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2015 Pedal Tractor Pull Schedule for Nebraska Pullers

4-12 pulls Sanctioned for State listed as pull site. 



23            Superior NE                                                                           10:30AM             LT

30            Valley Fun Days, Valley NE    Adults after kids                     4PM                    KM


13            Pickrell NE                                                                              2PM                   LT

13            Wymore NE                                                                            4PM                   LT

13            Palmyra NE                                                               after 5PM Parade           LT

20            Frankfort KS                                                                            4:30PM             LT

20            Beatrice Homestead Days                                                      5PM                  LT

21            Decatur Riverfront Days, Decatur NE                                    10AM                BH

21            Johnson NE                                                                             5PM                 LT

26            Sutton NE                                                                                6PM                 LT

27            Edgar NE                                                                                 1PM                 LT

27            Cortland NE                                                                             2PM                 LT

27            North Bend Old Settlers Days, North Bend NE                       4PM                BH

27            Unadilla NE                                                                              5PM                LT

28           Huge Teen to Masters Adult Pull in Tabor IA          3PM                KM

               Age Divisions: 13-15, 16-19, 20-40, and Masters 41 up (only adults at 3)

30             Bertrand NE                                                                after the Parade          LT 


4               DeWitt NE                                                                                9:30AM          LT

4               Stanberry MO                                                                           Noon             LT

4               Alma NE                                                                                   1PM              LT

4               Lyons 4th of July, Lyons NE                                                     1PM             BH

4               Bennet NE                                                                                2:30PM         LT

11             Great Bend KS, Barton Co. Fair                                               2:30PM         LT

11             Syracuse NE                                                                            4:30PM         LT

11             Nemaha Co. Fair, Auburn NE                                                  7:15PM         LT

12            Franklin co Fair, Franklin NE                                                 1:30 PM          LT

12             Nuckolls Co. Fair                                                                      3PM              LT

12             Marshall Co. Fair, Blue Rapids KS                                           8PM              LT

17             Yutan Days, Yutan NE                                                             5:45PM         BH

17             Washington Co. Fair, Washington KS                                      7PM              LT

18             Western NE                                                                              1:30PM         LT

18             Davenport NE                                                                           2:30PM         LT

19             Waverly NE, Camp Creek Show                                            11PM            LT

25             Hickman NE                                                                              12:30PM       LT

25             Ashland NE                                                                               1PM              LT

25             Bruning NE                                                                                5:30PM        LT

26   Westfair, Council Bluffs IA, 4-12 at 1PM, Adults at 3PM, 2 trophies for each age group KM

27              Washington Co. Fair, Arlington NE                                          7PM              BH

31              Wilber NE                                                                                 8:30PM         LT


1                NCK Free Fair, Belleville KS                                                   10AM             LT

1                Bellwood NE                                                                            10:30AM        LT

1                Red Cloud NE                                                                          2:30PM         LT

1                Dodge Co. Fair, Scribner NE                                                   3PM              BH

2                Lancaster Co. Fair, Lincoln NE                                                3PM              LT

7                Cass Co. Fair, Weeping Water NE                                          6:30PM         LT

8                Axtell KS                                                                                  1PM              LT

13              Cuming Co. Fair, West Point NE                                              6PM             BH

15              Milford NE                                                                                 10:30AM      LT

15              Beattie KS                                                                                 11:30AM      LT

15              Greenwood NE                                                                         1PM             LT

15              Hallam NE                                                                                 2PM             LT

15              Adams NE                                                                                 4PM             LT

15              Johnson Co. Fair, Tecumseh NE                                              5:30PM        LT

15              Plymouth NE                                                                             7:30PM        LT

22              Keg Creek Days, Glenwood IA                                                 12:30PM      KM

23              Falls City NE                                                                             1PM             LT

23               Missouri State Pedal Pull, Sedalia MO, must have qualified in Missouri

29            Nebraska State Pedal Pull, Nebraska State Fair, Grand Island NE

30               Millard NE                                                                                 1:30PM       LT 


5                 Fort Calhoun NE                                                                       2PM           LT

--                 Plattsmouth NE                                                                after Parade       LT

12               Otoe NE                                                                                     3PM          LT

19               Rock Port MO                                                                            5PM          LT


 26             National Pedal Pull, Corn Palace, Mitchell SD



3                      Orleans                                  10:30 am     Reg                 pull   11:00 pm  LT