Nebraska State Pedal Pull Championship Results

8/24/2019                            Grand Island NE, Nebraska State Fair    Top 3 Qualify for National Pedal Pull




4 year olds:

1st           Lily Wagner                        Pender

2nd          Isabelle Witmer               David City

3rd           Elise Karmazin                   Aurora

4th           Rebecca Meyer                 Plattsmouth

5th           Regan Meyer                     Hordville


5 year olds:

1st           Kelsey Busch                      Burwell

2nd          Sydney Smith                    Clay Center

3rd           Addison Super                  Lindsay

4th           Hadley Nordby                  Laurel

5th           Haddie White                    DeWitt


6 year olds:

1st           Alexis Cummings             Rogers

2nd          Jaylyn McDermott           North Platte

3rd           Autumn Walker               Grand Island

4th           Sophie Pickman                Papillion

5th           Kamryn Grzywa                Fullerton


7 year olds:

1st           Kellyn Smith                      Mason City IA

2nd          Julianne Malander          Albion

3rd           Claire Gubbels                  York

4th           Paisley Collier                     Hartington

5th           Lora Sonderup                  Fullerton


8 year olds:

1st           Kate Breitkreutz            Beaver Crossing

2nd          Ava Burkey                         Holdrege

3rd           Shaelynn Benmath          Clay Center

4th           Faith Samek                       David City

5th           Savannah Miller                                York







9 year olds:

1st           Kaley Krug                          Central City

2nd          Reagan Langley                Gothenburg

3rd           Kinley Fernau                    Grand Island

4th           Kylie Ansbach                    Hastings

5th           Kendra Robinson              Tennant IA


10 year olds:

1st           Morgan Stanley                Auburn

2nd          Jessie Bronson                  Hastings

3rd           Alexis Perry                        Central City

4th           Chelsea Kottich                 Elm Creek

5th           Bella Wilcox                        Fremont


11 year olds:

1st           Samantha Cummings     Rogers

2nd          Isabella Stramberg          Columbus

3rd           Jaeclyn Mattos                  Oconto

4th           Izebela Herring                  ????

5th           Addison Freeterill            ????


12 year olds:

1st           Alexis Wilber                    York

2nd          Kiersten Dockerty            Fremont

3rd           Morgan Havlovic             Prague

4th           Madison Moyer                North Bend

5th           Kiahna Bachle                    Alexandria
























4 year olds:

1st           William Smith                   Elsmere

2nd          Alcede Prochaska            Gresham

3rd           Carter James                      Red Cloud

4th           Dakota Hubbard               McDonald KS

5th           Ryker Miller                        York


5 year olds:

1st           Easton Kavan                     Prague

2nd          Carter Jerabek                  Farwell

3rd           Paxton Peterson              Coleridge

4th           Marcus Hemje                  Crete

5th           Hudson Perry                     Central City


6 year olds:

1st           Nolan Feighson                Scribner

2nd          Wyatt Stone                      Nehawka

3rd           Jaxin Miller                        York

4th           Ty Moore                            Blue Hill

5th           Trevin Suckstorf                               Pierce


7 year olds:

1st           Landen Schaefer              Staplehurst

2nd          Lakin Prince                       Pierce

3rd           Maverick Epp                    Bradshaw

4th           Austin Buresh                    Dwight

5th           Canton Skomp                   Laman


8 year olds:

1st           Eli Clarkson                        Ponca

2nd          Daniel Hubbard                McDonald KS

3rd           Quncey Martenez           Friend

4th           Chayden Sekutera           Loup City

5th           Jeremiah Lucid                  Madison


9 year olds:

1st           Austin Denker                   Lincoln

2nd          Cole Hunzeker                  Table Rock

3rd           Payden Lamprecht          Valley

4th           Kryptin Collier                    Hartington

5th           Westen Sander                 Platte Center






10 year olds:

1st           John Wendt                       Bristow

2nd          Sam Watts                          Clay Center

3rd           Vincent Malander           Albion

4th           Chen Harre                         Exeter

5th           Nolan Platt                          Murdock


11 year olds:

1st           Addison John                     Louisville

2nd          Zase Dake                           New Port

3rd           Eli Fjell                                 Stromsburg

4th           Korbon Oseka                    ????

5th           Wyatt Bohaty                    ????


12 year olds:

1st           Logan Buresh                     Dwight

2nd          Tyler Showers                   Ashland

3rd           Beckett Haskett               Culbertson

4th           Keegan Poppe                   Wisner

5th           Cooper Kahlandt              Hooper






Sorry for any misspellings or missing information. I took this from the official results listed by each individual puller following the pull. Because of the conditions some forgot to print all 5 places information. If you need further information on results, contact an officer. Sorry it took a while.