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                      General Rules for Pedal Tractor Pulling

1.      The Event will be for ages 4-12 years old.
 ***Never use weight classes. It is an unethical practice.

2.      12 year old competitors on the day of the pull may participate, but are not eligible for State qualification if 13 before the National Pull in late September.

3.      Competitors will enter the division they are the day of the pedal pull, including State and National. State and National will require proof of age and proper sanctioning paper work from lower meets.

4.      Each participant must register prior to the starting of their age group.

5.      Rules of Conduct by Participants:

A.     The child may not place their hand on the tractor tire at any time during their pull to help increase their pulling distance. Both hands on the steering wheel.

B.     The child may not place one or both feet on the ground to push the tractor forward. Both feet on the pedals.

C.     There can be no loss of forward pressure. In other words they cannot hesitate or absolutely never jerk the equipment.

D.     The child will remain in the seat at all times. If a contestant lifts off the seat the pull will be stopped and their distance will be measured to that point. This means maintaining contact with seat if the seat has taller back.

E.      All participants must be wearing shoes, no bare feet. (We would suggest tie or Velcro shoes that cover the foot and give traction on the pedal.)

6.      Any arguing with the track officials by a contestant, parent, or guardian will not be allowed and could result in disqualification of the contestant. We will display sportsmanship in all cases and should that not be possible the offender will be asked to leave. No one is perfect, but we will handle things in the proper way.

7.      All rulings by track officials are final and may supersede any of the above rules. In the case of need a sled may be re-weighted and the group may start over.

8.      Sanctioning: In Nebraska the Sanctioned pull will qualify the top three girls and the top three boys in each age division 4-12. You need proof of age at State and National Pedal Pulls. States handle it differently, but National prefers the Birth Certificate, and at Nationals you can not pull with out some proof.

These are general rules and each puller may have slight variations. Yet again in general these are the rules one should see at State and National competition.