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Sanctioned Pullers in Nebraska


1. How do you become a member of the Nebraska Pedal Pull Association?

     A: To be a member you pay an annual fee of $30 and your name is listed on the pullers list with contact information. Then you pay $10 each time you have a pull. Contact Marvine Association Secretary.

2. How does the process work?

     A: After the pulling at your pull the participants that finished in the top three boys and girls in each division must fill out the State paperwork, and they get the pink which they will need along with proof of age at the State to sign up. The State date is 8/29/09 at State Fair. Announce the State date several times as well as the need to fill out the vouchers.

3. What equipment is needed?

      A: We do not have exact requirements, but it must handle children 4-12 in a fair manner. The tractors can vary in number and size and the sled needs to be a weight transfer model. Visit some pedal pull sites and compare the kinds of equipment. Ask some questions.

 Please cut and paste email addresses if the link asks you to register.

Name                                             City                            Contacts



 Ben Hiebenthal         BY           26163 County Rd. 4     Herman NE 68029

 Barnyard Pedal Pulls      402-317-7046



Gabriel's Pedaling Angels                      DG 

Dennis Gabriel     Phone 308-536-2806 or cell 308-550-0598

28056 So. 560th St., Fullerton NE 68638



Mean Machine Pedal Pullers         MM

Allen & Marvine Koliha, Box 205, Howells, NE 68629         AK

                                                    Phone: 402 986-0817


 Bruce Ash, Vice President        Arcadia NE 68815       308-789-6127

Mid Nebraska Pedal Pullers    BA


Ken Myers & Family     KM   PO Box 702, Sidney IA  51652 (Just minutes off I-29)

Myers Pedal Tractor Pulls    

Chairman Missouri Association (webmaster) 

Member Nebraska (webmaster), and Iowa

Member Board of Directors for the National Pedal Pull

Sanctioned in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota


Cody McAfee-Ben Newton               SM           1987 170th St.         Waterbury NE  68785

402-750-2361 or 402- 404-0190



Pat and Linda O'Brien        PO    445 West Street            Bradshaw NE 68319

Lil' Red Dragon- kids pedal tractor pullers           402-736-4312


 Danny Patefield         DP          620 N. 18th Street          Norfolk  NE

 Patefield Pedal Pullers              (402) 371 7226 


 Plainview FFA,  Chad Kment               301 W. Pilcher       Plainville NE 68769        


 402-750-1258    and the "corn fed sled"     


 Ken Vincik                   KV          916 14th St.                    Aurora NE 68818

 Pedal Power Tractor Pulls         402-694-5893


John Vossler-Association President           Plymouth NE          (402)656-3660

Little Tuggers           LT                                          Cell (402)239-2048

Sanctioned in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri

President Board of Directors for the National Pedal Pull